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Foundational Health

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An introduction to Foundational Health:

Foundational health can be considered the first step to functional medicine. This is where Dr. Brenda addresses the following with her clients prior to moving into a condition-specific treatment protocol.

These are building blocks that need to be addressed before other factors can be added to a person’s foundational health plan.

There are various things that contribute to foundational health, but the overall goal is to build on areas that will promote and support the body’s overall health and vitality.

A person may appear healthy, perform activities or hobbies without issue, yet, if the body is not working on the inside this will affect the body’s state of health and eventually this leads to the body expressing symptoms or not performing at its best.


You may have read about pillars of health. The idea is the same in that these are stepping stones that need to be addressed before diving deeper into the body’s ability to heal.

The key areas for optimal health and function to lay the groundwork for foundational health are:

  • mindset / stress management
  • nutrition / hydration
  • oxygen / exercise
  • detoxification
  • nervous system function.

Again, when these 5 factors of functional health are addressed first, this lays the groundwork toward functional medicine.

Dr. Brenda’s interest in foundational health care stems from a severe digestive issue she struggled with for almost 2 years after returning from Mexico. This was not just traveler’s diarrhea, there were a host of other symptoms that did not get better after seeing medical attention and taking antibiotics. Prior to having blood work done with a foundational health specialist and spending thousands of dollars trying a variety of things that helped but did not fix or address her underlying problem, she wanted to try to heal herself, or was hopeful that the symptoms would eventually go away. When she learned about foundational health and applied the principles to her own health regimen, Dr. Brenda decided that she wanted to share this with others.

The purpose of sharing foundational health with others is in hopes of saving a person time, energy, money, and resources that are draining and not fixing or addressing the underlying problem that is creating the symptoms.

The first four foundational health building blocks; mindset, nutrition, exercise, and detoxification can be addressed separately but are key components for health and healing.

Mindset / being in a state of gratitude helps a person cope and manage everyday life stressors. Nutrition addresses the types of foods that the body uses to heal, along with proper amounts of water so it can perform all functions especially detox.

The body uses oxygen to heal. Traditional exercise, yoga, tai chi, pilates, and/or breathing exercises are all designed to promote oxygenation in the body.

When detoxing the body, the first step that Dr. Brenda recommends opening drainage pathways along with increasing cellular energy. In a nutshell, this part of the foundational health detox protocol is designed to enhance energy into the cells. Mitochondria / ATP are the powerhouses of the cells. Therefore, the idea is to enhance energy down to the cellular level so the body has the energy to properly detox. Along with increasing energy to the cells, this helps open up the plumbing in the body so it can start releasing toxins. This is considered draining the body of toxins through your CELLS, ORGANS & TISSUES, LYMPHATIC SYSTEM, COLON, LIVER, & KIDNEYS.

The consecutive steps that address the foundational health detox protocol include addressing the gut and immune systems of the body and properly taking care of the nervous system.

In summary, Foundational Medicine is for anyone who wants a different approach then treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals. The heart of Functional medicine is to address vitamin and mineral deficiencies, nutrition, emotional health, and exercise. However, Foundational medicine comes before everything, because it addresses three key areas – in a specific order – that lay the foundation for the body to naturally heal, detoxify, and promote optimal wellness.


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