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Benefits of Chiropractic Care

woman getting low back adjustment

There are many symptoms that people suffer with that are considered common, but ask yourself, are these symptoms normal? Was your body designed to suffer with allergies, asthma, headaches, infertility, etc?

You may wonder how in the world can chiropractic help with allergies?

The idea of chiropractic is to take pressure off of the nervous system. When you have pressure on the nervous system, this does not allow your body to function or to heal as well as it should. If your body can not handle allergens from the environment because there is pressure on the nervous system, this can be the missing link to help you ease the symptoms of allergies. Pressure on the nerves that lead into the lungs can be the cause of asthma.

The idea of chiropractic is to detect ANY spinal misalignment and to determine how that may be pinching any of the nerves in the body. Nerve pressure affects how the body performs. The reason why is because nerves come out from your spine and go into various parts of your body such as into the organs. Your lungs are one of your organs that can be affected if there is pressure on the nerves that go to the lungs. This can affect how the lungs perform and symptoms such as asthma or bronchitis (just as an example) can be symptomatic in the body.

Skin is the largest organ in the body. Acne can be the result of pressure on the nerves going into the adrenal gland because the adrenal gland controls skin. If there is spinal misalignment and pinching on the nerves to the adrenal gland, then the organ is affected which results in symptoms such as acne. The job of the chiropractor is to detect where there is spinal misalignment and to adjust the bone in order to take pressure off of the nerve and nervous system so the body can heal itself and return to proper function.

I have worked with women who were told that they couldn’t have kids. They accepted infertility as a diagnosis and gave up the dream of having kids. However, once I explained that the goal of chiropractic is to remove any pressure or damage to the nerves feeding all of the organs and systems in the body, including the reproductive system, then my patients started to have a glimmer of hope. The fact that taking action outside of mainstream medicine could possibly help them achieve their goal of getting pregnant and having a baby.

Babies can also benefit from chiropractic care. One of the most common symptoms that babies are helped with is colic. When a chiropractor performs and adjustment, this takes pressure and pinching off of the nerves. Not only does this help with pain but it also allows the body to function the way it was designed to. So for colic, this is commonly from pressure on the nerves going to the stomach and digestion. When a baby is adjusted, it is common that the baby has a bowel movement and sleeps really well that night. Wouldn’t you rather get to the root cause of the problem versus giving your baby medicine? That is the main goal of chiropractic.

Babies and kids also benefit from adjustments for other symptoms as well, such as for ear infections. The nerves that come out from the neck go into the ears, but getting adjusted also helps boost the immune system in the body so it can fight from virus and bacteria which can be associated with ear infections. Many times babies will heal naturally under chiropractic care for their ear infections and not have to go on antibiotics or have tubes put in.

There are symptoms galore that have been addressed with a natural approach utilizing chiropractic care. The most common however is for pain relief. Whether it is neck pain, mid back pain, or low back pain, the idea is to check the spine for misalignment. When there is misalignment, this puts pinching on the nerves that come out from the spine. A pinch nerve can cause pain. With a specific chiropractic adjustment, this helps the body heal naturally without relying on pain meds or physical therapy where the muscles and joints are addressed but not the nerve. Outside of pain in the neck or back, shoulders, knees, ankles, and/or feet can also be addressed with chiropractic care.

Chiropractors address spinal misalignment but also misalignment in other joints such as the shoulder or knee joints. Realigning these specific joints restores proper motion and allows the body to start to heal along with getting the inflammation out of the joint. Inflammation is there to protect the body when there is misalignment because it acts as a protective cushion. However, inflammation also can break down joint tissue. If you think of arthritis, inflammation causes heat. Heat from the inflammation causes the bones and tissues to wear and tear. This creates pain. So getting adjusted helps get the inflammation out of the joint so the body can start to heal and work properly leading to better performance, less pain, and increased strength.

In conclusion:

  • Chiropractic care can be the root problem solver for asthma, allergies, ear infections, colic, infertility, and pain relief to name a few.
  • Chiropractic focuses on spinal alignment. If there is misalignment, this is called Subluxation.
  • Subluxation is misalignment of the spine that can cause pain or symptoms because the bone out of position puts pinching and pressure on the nervous system.
  • The nervous system controls every function in the body.
  • Chiropractic care corrects the root cause of the problem (ie subluxation) so the body can heal itself.
  • People of all ages can benefit from chiropractic care including babies and children.

Reach out to Dr. Brenda to learn how chiropractic may be able to help you or a loved one. Feel free to share this with others so they too get the help that they need.

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