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Sports Chiropractic in Edina

doctor examining woman's backMost people know that professional and Olympic teams in virtually every sport have team chiropractors—but they don’t realize that the same type of care is available to them! Athletes of every age and skill level, and anybody who is active or wants to become more active, can benefit from sports chiropractic care.

At Dr. Brenda-Chiropractor, we want to help get you back in the game, keep you in the game and help you perform at your highest level.


Benefits of Care

When the joints of your spine and extremities are in proper alignment, your nervous system can function as it should, with no interference. This means messages between your brain and body can be delivered optimally, which may improve your speed, strength, coordination and overall performance.

And when your body is working at this peak level, you are less likely to be injured and, if you sustain an injury, you are more likely to recover quickly and completely.

Neck adjustment

Our Approach

Dr. Brenda has advanced training in sports and extremity adjusting with Mitch Mally, a world-renowned expert in sports chiropractic care. She’ll talk with you about any past injuries, your current condition and your goals, and then she’ll conduct a thorough exam. Based on this, she’ll work with you to create a care plan to help you feel and function your best.

Although the cornerstone of your care will be chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Brenda may incorporate other healing modalities as needed to optimize your results. Some of these therapies may include cupping, Rock Tape, sports massage or Y-Strap adjustments.

Preventive Care

The pros don’t wait until they’re injured to get chiropractic care—it’s part of their overall training regimen. You don’t have to wait til you’re hurt, either. In fact, we’d prefer it if you didn’t! Regular adjustments may help keep your body and nervous system working in tip-top shape so you can get the most out of your athletic endeavors without damaging your body in the process.

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