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Thompson Technique in Edina

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About The Thompson Technique

The Thompson Technique, a chiropractic method developed by Dr. J. Clay Thompson, stands out as a highly sophisticated system of analysis and an innovative method for spinal adjustment. What sets it apart is its meticulous precision and unwavering commitment to patient comfort. By employing a systematic approach, chiropractors using this technique can assess the spine’s condition with remarkable accuracy.

One distinguishing feature is the utilization of a specialized “drop” table that gently accommodates patients and effectively addresses any leg length disparities. This table is equipped with individual cushions or “drop pieces” that expertly support each spinal segment during the adjustment process, significantly reducing the force required for realignment. The result is a remarkably precise and gentle adjustment that promotes improved spinal health and overall well-being.

This technique is safe and effective, making it an excellent choice for patients who may be fearful of getting adjusted, experiencing significant pain, or prefer a lighter touch. It is also suitable for individuals with osteopenia.

Early chiropractors observed that subluxations often led to the appearance of a shortened or contracted leg. To determine the location of the subluxation in the upper, middle, or lower back, we employ a protocol that involves comparing leg lengths while the patient turns their head.

When you visit us for adjustments using the Thompson Technique, you’ll notice our segmental “drop” table. This specialized table gently lowers you into a horizontal position, preserving any leg length inequality.

Individual cushions or “drop pieces” along the table surface support each segment of your spine until the adjustment is administered. These drop pieces then gently give way, reducing the energy required to move a specific spinal segment.

The Thompson Technique is highly unique, and it received a patent in 1955 due to its precision and excellent patient outcomes. It has been used effectively by chiropractors worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Thompson Technique different from other chiropractic methods?

This technique includes a leg check analysis as well as adjusting procedures.

Is this method appropriate for children and seniors?

Yes, because the table has a “weighing” system where the drop pieces are set slightly heavier than the patient’s body weight, a gentle yet effective adjustment for patients of all ages can be given.

Do you combine Thompson Drop Table adjustments with other chiropractic techniques?

As with other chiropractic methods, the Thompson Technique can be used in conjunction with other natural healing modalities.

How long does it take to find relief from pain or symptoms using this technique?

Most people experience immediate results, but the duration of relief depends on the extent of spinal damage.

Are there any special certifications or training you have regarding this technique?

This technique is one of the main methods taught by Palmer College, where Dr. Brenda graduated from.

How long does this type of adjustment take?

The duration of the adjustment varies based on the severity of the case, but most adjustments of this nature typically take between 2-5 minutes after a brief consultation and check-in with Dr. Brenda.

Why have so many different techniques?

Everybody is unique, and every spine is different. Some people respond better to specific techniques than others. The Thompson Technique is often a good fit for most individuals seeking chiropractic care.

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