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Cupping in Edina

cupping on persons backAlthough cupping has its roots in ancient China, many people think of it as a modern invention. It’s a healing therapy that uses cups that are placed onto the skin to create suction, which may facilitate healing by increasing blood flow to the affected area of the body.

At our practice, we offer cupping as an adjunct to your chiropractic adjustments, to assist your body in releasing tension and toxins that can cause pain, muscle tightness or diminished mobility.


Our Approach

Dr. Brenda will start with a consultation and thorough examination to determine the best course of care for your specific situation. If she believes cupping will benefit you, she’ll let you know and explain what to expect. Most times, she’ll do your cupping first, and then your chiropractic adjustment.

The cupping session takes about ten minutes. We recommend you drink plenty of water after receiving this therapy, to help flush out toxins. Since you’re forcing toxins out of your body, you may feel you’re coming down with a cold for a day or two after your session.

person rubbing their neck

Who It Helps

Since the cupping can help relax tightness in the muscles, it can often make your adjustment easier. It may also help your adjustments hold longer, since your muscles won’t be as tight—therefore, they won’t be pulling your bones right back out of alignment.

We find this therapy to be beneficial for patients with chronic pain, tightness in the upper back/neck area (common in people with desk jobs), and tight leg muscles that affect proper knee mechanics.

What to Expect

Since the cups are positioned on your skin, we recommend wearing loose clothing so we can access the affected area (we also have gowns you can change into). If you’re nervous about how it will feel, we will place one cup so you can see how you like it. Most people report feeling a slight pinch when the cup is placed, with the feeling subsiding in a moment or two.

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