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Chiropractic Care for Sitting Disease

woman at desk low back pain

Sitting disease can occur when you sit for a significant amount of time.

Sitting for hours on end without taking a break can put a lot of pressure on your spinal discs, pinching the spinal nerves, and this can lead to pain, poor circulation, tingling / numbness down your legs, sciatic pain, and/or difficulty walking.

Chiropractic care and Dr. Brenda can help because the goal of chiropractic care is to address where there is misalignment of the spine or hips. This can often occur from putting your body through trauma such as sitting for long periods of time.

Your brain requires activity and motion, so when you choose to sit without relieving the pressure on your spine, this can not only cause pain, but can also affect your mood, blood pressure, health of your heart, blood sugar, and lead to decreased immunity.

When you have a low functioning immune system, your body is more susceptible to other chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, or diabetes.

Therefore, it is crucial to be mindful of how you are sitting, how long you are sitting, what type of posture you have when you are sitting, and make necessary changes so you do not fall into a pattern that can lead to sitting disease.

Some Things You Can Do to Combat this Disease

  1. Stay hydrated. Your body loves water, especially your spinal discs and that should be the focus.
  2. Try standing more than sitting while you are working at your desk. A standing desk can help facilitate proper posture.
  3. Take frequent breaks and get up and walkaround. Breaks should be taken at least 1x / hour. If that is not possible because you drive a semi for a living, then do step #4.
  4. Do pelvic tilts while you sit. This is similar to riding a horse. You sit up tall, rock your hips forward and back, curl your body forward into a ball, then extend back as you push your chest forward while rocking your hips back as if you are sticking your butt out.
  5. Sit on an exercise ball or spinal disc to alleviate pressure on your spinal discs. This is better than sitting on a regular chair.
  6. Invest in an ergonomic chair if you are working from home.
  7. Visit a chiropractor. Regular spinal checks keep your bones in alignment which helps restore proper motion and alignment and this in turn keeps your spinal discs healthy and hydrated. Dr. Brenda has helped a lot of people who have been working for long periods either at their office, or home, sitting at their desk working on a computer. She has made ergonomic recommendations to improve posture and performance. Dr. Brenda takes the time to understand what you put your body through on a regular basis so you get the best results possible from chiropractic care.

Call Dr. Brenda at 612-554-1290 to learn more about sitting disease and how chiropractic care can help you.

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